Bachelor of Environmental Science

Course Overview

Study Area : Science































Study Area : English

Course Code

Course Name

Course Code

Course Code

ENV 125

Chemistry I

ENV 113

English Language - I

ENV 126

Chemistry I (Lab)

Study Area : Computer Science Courses

ENV 135

Chemistry 2

ENV 226

Basic Computer Skill

ENV 136

Chemistry 2 (Lab)

Study Area : Mathematics Courses

ENV 215


ENV 112

Basic Mathematics- 1

ENV 334

Landscape Ecology and Planning

ENV 134


ENV 433

Environmental Planning Design

Study Area : Humanities/Business Courses

Study Area : Environmental Science Courses

ENV 236

Socio Economic Study

ENV 111

Introduction to Environmental Science

Study Area : Environmental Science Courses

ENV 121

Physical  Environment-1

ENV 412

Coastal Environment and Management

ENV 122

Physical  Environment-1 (Lab)

ENV 421

Environmental Impact Assessment

ENV 131

Physical Environment -2

ENV 422

Noise Pollution

ENV 131

Physical Environment -2 (Lab)

ENV 423


ENV 123

Biological Environment-1

ENV 335

Geographic Information System

ENV 133

Biological Environment-2

ENV 333

Geographic Information System Sessional

ENV 211

Ecology -1

ENV 425

Environmental Modeling

ENV 221

Ecology- 2

ENV 431

Environmental Auditing

ENV 212

Environmental Chemistry

ENV 413

Research Methodology

ENV 213

Soil Environment

ENV 323

Energy and Environment 2

ENV 214

Soil Environment Sessional

ENV 326

Water Resource Planning and Management

ENV 222

Environmental Microbiology

ENV 414

Remote Sensing

ENV 223

Environmental Microbiology Sessional

ENV 415

Remote Sensing Sessional

ENV 224


ENV 324


ENV 225

Biodiversity Sessional

ENV 325

Meteorology (Sessional)

ENV 231


ENV 331

Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management

ENV 232

Environmental Biochemistry

ENV 332


ENV 233

Environmental Biochemistry Sessional

ENV 416

Environmental Field Work

ENV 234

Agriculture and Environment

ENV 333

Air Pollution

ENV 235

Agriculture and Environment Sessional

ENV 411

Waste Management

ENV 311

Energy and Environment

ENV 424

Urbanization and Environment

ENV 312

Energy and Environment (Lab)


160 Credits

ENV 305

Water Pollution


ENV 314

Water Pollution (Lab)

ENV 315

Surface Processes and Land Form

ENV 316

Water and Waste Water Treatment

ENV 321

Limnology and Oceanographic Environment

ENV 322

Limnology and Oceanographic Environment (Sessional)

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