Convocation at 18th November 2017
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Living with Cerebral Palsy | Photo exhibition | CSF Global
Views 0 - Updated 12/Oct/2017

জীবন জীবনের জন্য - Dr. M. A. Muhit distributing relief in Shahjadpur
Views 0 - Updated 12/Sep/2017

Public Health Workshop held on 14 July 2017 (Ekattor TV)
Views 0 - Updated 16/Jul/2017

Public Health Workshop held on 14 July 2017 (Maasranga TV)
Views 0 - Updated 15/Jul/2017

South Asia Business School Open Day-2017 (Maasranga TV)
Views 0 - Updated 08/Apr/2017

Seminar news coverage by NTV (18.03.2017)
Views 0 - Updated 19/Mar/2017

Welcome to University of South Asia!
Views 0 - Updated 17/Jan/2017

Fall Festival 2016 Welcome Speech by Prof. Dr. M A Muhit
Views 0 - Updated 11/Dec/2016

Fall Festival 2016 Welcome Speech by Prof. M A Wadud Mondal, VC (Designate) University of South Asia
Views 0 - Updated 11/Dec/2016

Termination or Discharge of Contract (Short Version)
Views 0 - Updated 03/May/2016

Welcome Speech by Prof.Dr M.A. Muhit, Pro VC at Fall Fest-15
Views 0 - Updated 10/Dec/2015

Matrix Algebra
Views 0 - Updated 09/Nov/2015

Introduction to Marketing (Short Version)
Views 0 - Updated 09/Nov/2015

Ben Jonson Volpone (Short Version)
Views 0 - Updated 09/Nov/2015

Tanzia Siddiqua - Introduction To Chomsky Linguistic Theories - ENG 433 Linguistic Theories (Short Version)
Views 0 - Updated 13/May/2015

Bhalobashi Jare by Nabiha
Views 0 - Updated 26/Feb/2015

Cyber Security Seminar (Short Version)
Views 0 - Updated 10/Feb/2015

Fall Festival 2014 Speech by Prof.Dr M.A. Muhit
Views 0 - Updated 17/Nov/2014

Fall Festival 2014
Views 0 - Updated 17/Nov/2014

Feedback from University of South Asia Inter-District College Debate Competition Rajbari
Views 0 - Updated 12/Sep/2014

Feedback from University of South Asia Inter-District College Debate Competition Faridpur
Views 0 - Updated 12/Sep/2014

MCSA Unplugged! - Anmone 2 by Wasely
Views 0 - Updated 30/Aug/2014

MCSA Unplugged! - Sona Diya Bandhayachi Ghor by Shihab
Views 0 - Updated 30/Aug/2014

Workshop on Debate by Syed Nasir Ershad
Views 0 - Updated 21/Jul/2014

Life Changing Motivational Seminar by Munir Khan
Views 0 - Updated 12/Jul/2014

Workshop on Career Planning
Views 0 - Updated 29/May/2014

CSF at a Glance by Prof. Dr. M. A. Muhit
Views 0 - Updated 22/May/2014

Borsho-boron 1421 (Full Version)
Views 0 - Updated 25/Apr/2014

ICC world Twenty 20 2014 Bangladesh Flash Mob
Views 0 - Updated 15/Mar/2014

Lecture on Event Management
Views 0 - Updated 23/Apr/2014

Borsho-boron 1421 (Short Version)
Views 0 - Updated 23/Apr/2014

Lecture on Photography by Ameenur Rahman
Views 0 - Updated 21/Apr/2014

Lecture on The Duke of Edinburgh's Award by Faisal Hossain
Views 0 - Updated 21/Apr/2014

Gangnam Style - Students Performance
Views 0 - Updated 04/Dec/2013

Sraboner Megh by Rashik Ahmed - Students Performance
Views 0 - Updated 04/Dec/2013

Prof. Dr. M. A. Muhit's Speech at Fresher's Fair of Fall
Views 0 - Updated 29/Nov/2013

Fresher's Fair & Fall Festival '13 (Band Performance)
Views 0 - Updated 29/Nov/2013

South Asia Connect & E-learning
Views 0 - Updated 28/Nov/2013

Prof. Dr. M. A. Matin Cricket Trophy - 2013
Views 0 - Updated 29/Sep/2013

Introduction to Accounting- Prof. Anisur Rahaman
Views 0 - Updated 25/Sep/2013

Corporate Finance- Monir Hossain
Views 0 - Updated 24/Sep/2013

Basic Statistics-Atiqul Hoque Chowdhury
Views 0 - Updated 17/Sep/2013

Movie Show Video- September 05, 2013
Views 0 - Updated 16/Sep/2013

Mahabub Allahe- Job Search Process- 3
Views 0 - Updated 08/Jun/2013

Mahabub Allahe- Job Search Process-2
Views 0 - Updated 08/Jun/2013

Mahabub Allahe- Job Search Process-1
Views 0 - Updated 06/Jun/2013

Another Milestone- Rag Day & Fall Festival-2012
Views 0 - Updated 14/May/2013

Celebrating Future
Views 0 - Updated 14/May/2013
  • About the University
    The University of South Asia is the University for Generation Bangladesh who aspires for an inclusive Bangladesh. It's the only university that connects all the dots and let your network that you build here take care of your career. For its outstanding central location in heart of the city Banani, Dhaka, the University attracts students and staff from a variety of backgrounds by its reputation and commitment to innovation and excellence in all areas of activities. The campus offers idyllic environment for an academic institution.
  • Objective
    University of South Asia provide a specialized and high quality comprehensive education as preparation for study or future employment in positions of responsibility across a worldwide range of IT, Business, Social and Public Organizations. 2. To establish and run the University to provide world class standard education in Bangladesh and develop our graduates up to International standard through getting accreditation of internationally recognized accreditation bodies.
  • Mission
    University of South Asia assist cognitive and effective student learning to develop knowledge, skills and communication ability together with a commitment to lifelong learning for enhancement of students' opportunities for career success, improve the productivity of their organizations and provide leadership and service to their communities. University of South Asia expand the scope of local human resources by improving them as world standard through teaching and explore the employment market to meet the expanding demand for skilled professionals.