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Another Milestone- Rag Day & Fall Festival-2012
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The Rag Day, 2012 of the University of South Asia was held at the campus on Fall,2012. The students and teachers celebrated the day by rallying around the campus and at the Kamal Ataturk Avenue in foot and horse driven carriages. The fall festival took place the next day at the campus where students organized cultural shows and fashion shows and entertained everyone passing from the university. The colorful program ended through the festival and through the students’ joyous laughter with the hope of them being and doing their best. 

  • About the University
    The University of South Asia is the University for Generation Bangladesh who aspires for an inclusive Bangladesh. It's the only university that connects all the dots and let your network that you build here take care of your career. For its outstanding central location in heart of the city Banani, Dhaka, the University attracts students and staff from a variety of backgrounds by its reputation and commitment to innovation and excellence in all areas of activities. The campus offers idyllic environment for an academic institution.
  • Objective
    University of South Asia provide a specialized and high quality comprehensive education as preparation for study or future employment in positions of responsibility across a worldwide range of IT, Business, Social and Public Organizations. 2. To establish and run the University to provide world class standard education in Bangladesh and develop our graduates up to International standard through getting accreditation of internationally recognized accreditation bodies.
  • Mission
    University of South Asia assist cognitive and effective student learning to develop knowledge, skills and communication ability together with a commitment to lifelong learning for enhancement of students' opportunities for career success, improve the productivity of their organizations and provide leadership and service to their communities. University of South Asia expand the scope of local human resources by improving them as world standard through teaching and explore the employment market to meet the expanding demand for skilled professionals.